Moving Tips

Clean House. The first rule of moving is get rid of unnecessary clutter.

Host a garage sale or donate goods to a local charity.

Take an Inventory. Protect your possessions by creating a home inventory.

Cancel and Re-order. Don’t forget to tell your utility providers (telephone, gas, electric, water, etc.) and other services that you’re moving.

Be Mover Friendly. If you’re using a professional moving company, make yourself available to answer questions during loading and unloading. Review the home inventory paperwork and make sure the driver has your contact information and details of your delivery.

Be Safe. Whether you’re hiring professionals or moving yourself, remove all rugs, low hanging items and tripping hazards. Keep walkways clear at all times. Arrange a baby-sitter for very young children, and make sure pets are safely away from loading and unloading.

Know What You’re Packing. Label boxes in detail, with contents and the room in which they belong.

Pack an Essentials Bag. When you arrive at your new home, your moving day survival kit will be the first thing you unpack. In it, you’ll want to include items like an alarm clock, toiletries and a change of clothes.

Know What NOT to Pack. Certain items are never packed. Lighter fluid, pesticides and paint thinner are a few that professional movers won’t touch. Other items should never leave your side. Valuables such as cash, jewelry and important documents should stay with you.

Check and Double Check. Before the moving van leaves, make sure everything is loaded or unloaded. Review your home inventory. If something is damaged during the move, take a photo, and notify your moving company immediately.

Keep Smiling! A move can be manageable with the right attitude and thoughtful preparation.


  • Donate unwanted but usable items to local charities
  • Hold a tag sale
  • Make a dump run to dispose of large or unusable items
  • Pace yourself
  • Pack a survival bag for the first night of the move