Selling a Business

Mid-coast Maine is a true reflection of a small business community. Our villages, towns and small cities reflect the entrepreneurial spirit but also realize the dependence we have on our neighbors to the north and the south. Owning your own business offers several great opportunities for personal and financial growth.

As a team, RE/MAX Jaret & Cohn Commercial Brokerage strives to get to know its clients and will recommend options based upon the collective local knowledge, experience and professionalism of a team of veteran brokers and successful business owners. Our business brokers can help in this transition; what you will need to do to prepare to sell your hard work and move to the next challenge, be it another venture, retirement, or just change of life.

There are many steps to selling your business. After assembling the necessary information to position your business, you will need confidentiality, professionalism and confidence to seek and qualify prospects. As a part of the qualifying process, we work with you to identify the ideal buyer profile most suited for your business, so that we understand the match as early on as possible. Upon expression of interest to the point of offer, negotiations will be professional and handled with care in an effort to close at satisfactory terms. We find that this process of selling your business will require time, patience and planning. We will work with you confidentially and professionally from start to finish.

Contact us for a confidential consultation. We look forward to discussing your needs and questions.


  1. Retain a strong & knowledgeable team
  2. Do your diligence
  3. Create a competitive environment
  4. Run negotiations through your team
  5. Develop a game plan
  6. Be careful with letters of intent
  7. Check your emotions at the door
  8. Don’t blink first
  9. Be careful of “good cop-bad cop” routines
  10. Use the RE/MAX Jaret & Cohn Commercial Brokerage team to guide you through every step of the business selling process