Preparing Your Home

When buyers look at homes they want to imagine themselves with their families in the kitchen, at the dining room table or on the porch. The best way to trigger their imagination is to sell your house not your home.

How do you do that? Look at every room as if you were the buyer not the seller. Pack up your family photos, declutter your shelves, remove the things stored on top of your kitchen cabinets and make sure you counters are as empty as possible.

This is the time to patch nicks in the wall, touch up or repaint where necessary, ensure lighting is working well or have the carpets cleaned. In other words make the house the best it can be. Don’t forget, there are 2 sides to every house, the inside and the outside. Curb appeal is also key.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your house for sale:

Repaint Rooms. Paint with a buyer’s sensibilities in mind;

Power Wash and and if necessary Paint the Exterior to enhance curb appeal;

Shine with New Lighting. Be sure all fixtures have new bulbs, switchplates are clean and if necessary invest in more modern fixtures to update your space;

Organize and De-Personalize;Cleanliness leads to closing;

Repair or Replace Damaged Door or Window Screens;

Patch Drywall Dings and Dents;

Unstick Stubborn Doors;

Repair or Clean Tile Grout for Fresh Appearance;

Upgrade Kitchen and Bath Faucets if they are Dated;

Make your house number visible and easy to read;

Mow the lawn and clear walkways;

Address any issue that makes your house look dated, neglected or cluttered.


  • Donate unwanted but usable items to local charities;
  • Hold a tag sale;
  • Make a dump run to dispose of large or unusable items;
  • Pace yourself.